3 Ways We Are Destroying Our World.

With Earth Day coming up on the 22nd April 2015 we should all be realising what we are doing to this planet, our home.


arkhdrauth deforestationIt may not seem like a big deal, losing some trees here, some more there. But this is so much bigger. We are losing trees at the rate of 40 football pitches every minute. Think about that, I mean really, think about it.
Trees are the lifeblood of the world, we breath the oxygen they produce, trees clear our air, can we really cope without them?
Not only does deforestation affect humanity, but it drives species of animals to extinction. We push them from their homes and destroy their habitats.
The Ghost Forest exhibition at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales provides a stark representation of the impact of deforestation upon rainforests and their inhabitants.


arkhdrauth global warming Len Radin
Photo by: Len Radin

I didn’t realise the extent of this until I did a little research, according to the National Geographic, Arctic ice is rapidly disappearing and the Artic may have it’s first ice free summer by 2040 or sooner. Think of the impact that will have on Polar Bears or other indigenous cultures, think of the impact that will have on us.
The melting ice caps don’t only affect those living there, it affects the world. Coral reefs are suffering as a result, they are bleaching and dying off due to stress. The world is also experiencing rising sea levels because of global warming, people are losing their homes because of flooding.


arkhdrauth pollution billy wilson
Photo by: Billy Wilson

Sarah Palin once said: “I love that smell of emissions.” what she was thinking, I cannot even fathom. The use of fossil fuels ties in with the previous point on Global Warming since it is a contributing factor, however it also contributes to the pollution in our atmosphere. The use of fossil fuels cause acid rain, I have never experienced acid rain, nor can I imagine the horror of it. This pollution is one of the reasons that children around the world die young, and that they have to wear pollution masks when they are out. Why is this okay?

You have probably already seen one of Prince Ea’s extremely topical spoken word poetry videos but this one comes with a bit more, he tells us how we can help prevent deforestation. Because like he says:

“Whatever you’re¬†fighting for; racism or poverty, feminism, gay¬†rights, or any type of equality. It wont matter in the least, because if we don’t all work together to save the environment we will all be equally extinct.”

Visit StandforTrees.org to make your stand.


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