Tutorial: How to make a Dragon Egg

I know, I know, I haven’t posted here for AGES! But I can explain… I discovered the wonderful world of cosplay. In November I created my first cosplay and visited Cardiff Film and Comic Con as Thranduil, the Elvenking. It was the most fantastic experience, I met some amazing people and excellent cosplayers and was eager for more. This month I wanted to introduce my family to this world I had come to love, so I brought them with me to Cardiff Film and Comic Con in March we all cosplayed as you can see here.

Anyhow, to the point, my fifteen year-old sister wanted to cosplay Daenerys so together we chose a costume and because I was so busy with my Maleficent cosplay we decided a dragon egg would be easier to make than a dragon… A lot of people at the convention asked how I made the egg, and I loved it so much that I decided to make three little ones to decorate the house with, and make a tutorial for you!



What you need:

  • Approx. 400 push pins per egg
  • 3 Polystyrene Easter Eggs (You could also use plastic lemons or limes, but they may not be ask easy to push pins into)
  • Hot Glue
  • Matte Black Spray Paint
  • Acrylic Paint in your chosen colours
  • Sea Sponges
  • 3 Tealights

How to make them:

1: Push your first pin into the centre at the base of the egg.Arkhdrauth Cosplay, Daenerys Dragon Egg Tutorial, Game of Thrones2: Now it’s simple, push pins in an overlapping spiral around the base pin until you reach the top. Don’t put the last pin in yet.

Arkhdrauth Cosplay, Daenerys Dragon Egg Tutorial, Game of Thrones

3: Plug in your hot glue gun and add a little blob of glue in the white space. Pop in the last pin and your egg is made. The pins are all secure because they overlap.

Arkhdrauth Cosplay, Daenerys Dragon Egg Tutorial, Game of Thrones

4: Now you’ll want to paint them! Find some old jars that you don’t mind getting paint on and balance the eggs. Use a matte black spray paint to give them a base coat. Wait for the top to dry and then turn them over and paint the other half.

Arkhdrauth Cosplay, Daenerys Dragon Egg Tutorial, Game of Thrones

5: Once the black has dried you can add some colour. I used screenshots of Daenerys’ dragon eggs to try and get screen accurate colours. Mix the colours you want using acrylic paints and sponge them on using a sea sponge.
Don’t rush in here with big blobs of paint, build it up slowly, in this situation patchy is good.
NB. While the paint is still wet, you could use shimmery eye shadows or pigments to give it a metallic look. I chose not to because I wanted a more matte look.

Arkhdrauth Cosplay, Daenerys Dragon Egg Tutorial, Game of Thrones

6: Now all you need is a way to display them. I just grabbed some old tealights (Read: Stole mum’s new tealights) and eased the candle out of the metal casing. Most will just come out easily, but I used a flathead screwdriver for the stubborn one. You can then just prop the egg on the metal casing.


And you’re done!


WARNING: If you are not the mother of dragons, do not take them into a great fire. They will not hatch.

I’d love to see your dragon egg, if you make one (or three) comment below!

You can follow my cosplay works in progress on Facebook: /ArkhdrauthCosplay



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