Film Review: Frozen (2013)

I’m afraid I don’t have a book review for you this week because I’ve been beta-reading a book that I can’t write about. So you get to tell me what you want to read about on Saturday!

Anyhow, I decided to give you a new film review to read about. I went to see Frozen with my sister on the weekend and I absolutely loved it. I’d heard from a lot of people that it was fantastic but I really didn’t know what to think. Turns out I loved it, as I am writing this ‘Let it Go’ is playing in my head.

“Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door
I don’t care
what they’re going to say
Let the storm rage on.
The cold never bothered me anyway.”


“Fearless optimist Anna teams up with Kristoff in an epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna’s sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.”



Frozen is a wonderful new Disney film made in the vein of the West-End show Wicked and is truly wonderful. Packed into 1 hour and 42 minutes, this movie gives you a multitude of relationships, multi-faceted, well built characters, a lovable snowman and an exciting, liberating story-line. I’m not one for the ‘this-is-such-a-great-feminist-movie’ approach so I’m not going to give you all that. This review is purely based on how much I loved it.

Anna_FrozenThe character of Princess Anna is wonderfully created, she is fun and excitable and desperate for love. She has lived in a castle with her sister for so long that she just longs to get out and find a husband and she is so very believable.

Queen Elsa, on the other hand, reminds me of myself. She keeps herself hidden “conceal, don’t feel, don’t let it show” and is truly scared of letting people in. I was able to empathize with Elsa, she almost is me but with a little extra magic; that just added an extra triumph to her story.Frozen-Il-regno-di-ghiaccio-nuovo-trailer-con-Elsa-e-4-character-poster-41

There are so many other fantastic  characters in Frozen but I won’t spoil the film (not that that’s possible) by telling all. Frozen is an exciting story of hope and love, and I loved it so much I watched it twice and would watch it again in a heartbeat.

The music in Frozen is absolutely wonderful, I’ve been listening to tracks on Youtube every day since watching the movie! Every song has a fantastic feeling to it, giving you the opportunity to feel the emotions of the characters. I wasn’t a fan of ‘Fixer-Upper’ though, it’s a good song that is very catchy but just not really my ‘thing’.

In all, Frozen was a wonderful film and I wouldn’t hesitate to watch it again! (Do you think the cinema would let me in to the KidsAM viewing at the age of 20..?)

(Trivia: The characters of Hans, Kristof, Anna and Sven are all named after Hans Christian Andersen. Say the names quickly in sequence and hear the similarity.)


I would give Frozen a whopping five stars. This is an exciting film suitable for all ages and will leave you in a fantastic mood.

I would recommend this to all ages, honestly, don’t write it off as ‘just a kids film’, it really is great for all ages!

Age Rating: PG


If you enjoyed watching Tangled (2010) or Wicked (West End Show) you will love this!



Frozen is not yet available to buy, but you can see it in your local cinema. (Unless your local cinema isn’t showing it anymore, like mine…)

I believe the DVD will be available to buy around April/May time.

You can find out more about Frozen here:

Watch the trailer here:



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