Short Story Review: Finding a Voice by Jeffrey Hollar

Finding a Voice is a wonderful collection of dynamic stories, it is a collection that will leave you wanting more.

“No author writes in a vacuum. Everything we see and everything we do is fodder for a story. Everyone we know and anyone we associate with influences out process and our product in ways both too subtle and too monumental for me to ever hope to explain.”

Finding a voice
Finding A Voice is the material realization of one writer’s quest to find his place, to establish his identity, to find his niche in the ever-expanding world of independently-published literary offerings.”


Finding a Voice offers an eclectic selection of wonderfully written short stories by Jeffrey Hollar. The range includes stories written both in the first person and the third person, he manages to place himself in a massive variety of situations resulting in dynamic and believable stories. The stories are only a few pages each making them perfect to read in short moments like when you have a break at school or work.

There are stories in the collection that are truly touching like ‘Beautiful Princess Dreams’ (which made me cry) and ‘From Wheat to Rice: An American Tragedy’, there are magical stories like ‘Shifter’s Quest’ (Which made me want to be Jaldana!) and ‘Wonderland’s Call’ (Which I definitely want to hear more about…). Hollar also writes some really surprising stories like ‘Urban Outdoorsman’ with a twist that you won’t want to miss!

I loved reading Finding a Voice, the only ‘criticism’ I can think of is that I wish some of them were full length books, I want to read more about some of Hollar’s characters. This book is a fantastic taste of Jeffrey Hollar’s outstanding writing and has left me thirsting for more of his work.


I’m giving Finding a Voice five stars, it’s a fantastic collection of short stories with a brilliant range of voices throughout.

I would recommend this to teens and adults, I think there’s something in it for everyone.
If you enjoyed Tales by the Tree: An Anthology of Holiday Flash Fiction or Once Upon a Time: A Collection of Unexpected Fairytales you’ll enjoy this collection.



You can get Finding a Voice on Amazon in eBook and Paperback here: Finding a Voice

Learn more about Jeffrey Hollar and his writing here:

Visit Jeffrey Hollar’s Facebook page: Jeffrey Hollar Facebook

Find out more about the Visionary Press Collaborative here:



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