Short Story Review: Burn by Daniel Swensen

I love a good short story to read when I don’t have much time, but I love a short story that leaves me thirsting for more is even better and that is just what Daniel Swensen’s ‘Burn‘ did for me.

“”I don’t think you’re getting me, Alexa,” he says. “The Project can give you your life back. They can also take it away.””

16179602“Alexa Bernell can do what no one else can — or so she thought, until the Omen Project found her. Shaped by drugs and brutal training, she was their weapon. Until she got loose.

Haunted by the memories of what she’s done, Alexa ran. Now the Project is hunting her. They’ve sent Cav, her friend, her lover, and her only confidant, to bring her back — no matter the cost.

If she ever wants to be free, she has to kill him.”


Burn is a fantastic short, it left me craving more about Alexa —her history, her future — I wanted to know everything, I still do. Alexa is a wonderful anti-hero, she has a history that Swensen hints at in her flashbacks giving just enough to tease. Unlike many short stories, Burn is compelling and full of action, keeping you reading and wishing for more.

At a tiny 20 pages, this one is a very fast read allowing you to read it on a break at work or whenever you have a little spare time and, after falling into Alexa’s dystopian world, lets you return to work with it lingering in your mind. 

Swensen’s writing is refined and engaging, this small preview of his work has left me desperate for another fix of his enticing words.
I’m actively looking forward to reading his upcoming release ‘Orison’ and I hope to read more about Burn’s ruthless anti-hero Alexa in the future.


Burn gets five stars from me, I couldn’t put it down and I can’t wait to read more of Swensen’s enthralling work. I always love the opportunity to read a preview of an author’s work, in a case such as this it makes me excited to read anything else the author as written.

I would recommend this short to older teens and adults. Alexa is wonderfully bad-ass, a fantastic character.
If you enjoyed ACID by Emma Pass or Moth Girl versus The Bats by Michael Wombat you’ll love Burn!



You can get Burn in eBook from Amazon: Burn on Amazon

Learn more about Daniel Swensen’s upcoming release Orison here:

Visit his Facebook page here: Daniel Swensen
Or his website:

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