Book Review: ACID by Emma Pass

I was looking for a shiny new dystopian novel to read and I found a truly fantastic one in Emma Pass’ ACID. I loved the action and excitement, this was one that I couldn’t put down.

“‘What’re you in here for, anyway?’ he mumbles thickly, spitting red froth.
[…] I lean down until our faces are so close we could kiss.
‘I killed my parents,’ I murmur, and watch his eyes go wide.”

coverIn the year 2113, Jenna Strong is the sole female in an all-male prison.

Why is she there?

She killed her parents.

ACID is the brutal police force of the IRB (Independent Republic of Britain) “They rule with an iron fist. They see everything. They know everything.”
When a rebel breaks Jenna out of prison, she learns to keep ahead of the opposition. Her and her rescuers fight against all odds to keep her hidden.

“They have taken her life, her freedom, and her true memories away from her. How can she reclaim anything when she doesn’t know who to trust?”


ACID was full of dynamic imagery and a compelling story. The dystopian society reminded me a little of Matched by Ally Condie but more dangerous and exciting.


Jenna was a strong –see what I did there?– character, just how the heroine of a YA dystopian fiction should be: feistybadassawesome… Although I was a little disappointed by the romance of this story, it seemed somewhatout of place. More on that later.

I loved that the rebellion was realistic in that they made mistakes and did stupid things just as would happen in real life, it was also nice to read a dystopian YA based in the UK where I actually understand where they are and where they’re going.


More on the romance aspect of ACID.
I have yet to read an awesome YA dystopia that doesn’t have an oddly placed romance.

Jenna’s romance with Max just didn’t sit right for me, she seemed to be very protective over him and I would have loved if he had been, perhaps, a few years younger and the relationship had been more of a protective older sister/younger brother one which would make complete sense because he is the son of the man who saved her from prison. It would be only natural for her to feel some sort of maternal instinct towards him.
As it was, I found Max tiresome, immature, and quite frankly, a bit of a wuss. I couldn’t see Jenna being so taken by this –in my mind– skinny, nerdy boy after being this hardcore chick who could hold her own in prison with a bunch of sleazy men!


ACID compelled me with its thrilling twists and turns, I never knew where the story was going. The first-person perspective allowed us to know only what Jenna knew, and the frustration I felt was reflected in the character of Jenna which really added to the dynamics of the novel.

I love Emma Pass’ writing and I cannot wait to read her next book ‘The Fearless’ when it’s released.


I’m giving ACID four stars I didn’t like the romance and there were a few points that seemed a little convenient in the second half of the book. I loved the first half and the storyline though.

I would recommend this to all teens and adults alike. It’s a dynamic, exciting novel which I loved.
If you enjoyed Matched by Ally Condie but you’re looking for something a little more dangerous or if you loved The Hunger Games by Susanne Collins, you really will love ACID.



You can buy ACID in paperback or eBook from Amazon: ACID on Amazon

You can also get it in Waterstones: ACID in Waterstones

Find out more about Emma Pass’ next book ‘The Fearless’ (to be released April 2014) here:



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