Short Story Review: Lavender by Paul Ramey

After reading and reviewing Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire by Paul Ramey I was eager to download his FREE short, Lavender. An introduction to the upcoming sequel of Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire. At only 60 pages this is a great one to read if you only have half an hour or so.

“”I do got somethin’ heyah, though. Somethin’ wicked strange, if ye ask me. Thought ye could shed some light.””

20643180“”Lavender” is a FREE Edgar Wilde short story, available exclusively on the Nine Muse Press website as an ebook download here.

This little tale falls after the first novel, “Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire,” and before the currently-in-progress second novel in the series! Some groundwork is laid here for future plot lines, including the introduction of a new character or two.

Parts of the “Lavender” short story first appeared in their original form as part of an Edgar Wilde contest run on Facebook during October 2013. Each week a new mystery “artifact” object was posted, with participants submitting their best guess as to what each one was. A new character based on the grand-prize winner would be written into the “Lavender” story being written by the author as the contest proceeded, as well as will continue as a significant character in a future Edgar Wilde novel.

Nine Muse Press and Paul Ramey heartily congratulate the grand-prize winner of the October 2013 Artifact Contest ~ Mr. Bryan Snowden!


I read and loved Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire and thoroughly enjoyed reading a little about the aftermath and our new curator, Amos Jones. Lavender was somewhat interactive as it was intertwined with the previously mentioned competition on the book’s Facebook page, it was fun being able to look back on the page at the objects being described!

Victorian Posy Holder for a tussie-mussie.
Victorian Posy Holder for a tussie-mussie.

I love the character of Amos Jones already and Ramey captures his eccentricities and accent perfectly. Just like with all the characters of Edgar Wilde, they develop wonderfully.

At only 60 pages this was the perfect length for my moments of boredom when I need something to read. I love to have a few short stories on my Kindle to read in between longer books and this one really lived up to my expectations. It leads well into the next book, which I am also eager to read, introducing some new characters and laying the groundwork for an exciting story.


Lavender gets four stars from me, this short was fun and interactive. I would have liked a little more action but there’s only so much you can pack into 60 pages! I loved being able to get my Edgar Wilde fix while I wait for the next book.

I would recommend this to children, teens and young adults, it’s a great way to introduce new characters ready for the next book.
If you enjoyed Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire by Paul Ramey or Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, get your mitts on this!



Lavender is available for FREE exclusively on Nine Muse Press as an eBook:

Visit the Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire Facebook Page.

See more from Nine Muse Press here:



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