Book Review: The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

This time I’m going to tell you what I thought of book number two, The Scorch Trials.

This book was better than The Maze Runner by far. The story is very different due to the fact that the setting is entirely different. In contrast to my two star rating of book one, I loved this one.

“When they’d settled into bed last night, everything had seemed good and safe. Yeah, maybe this was worse, to have that suddenly taken away.” 

scorch trials ukThe Scorch Trials is the second book of the Maze Runner trilogy and continues its story where The Maze Runner left off, the boys have escaped the Maze but now face a far worse terror. Their trials are far from over and so begin the Scorch trials. WICKED continues to manipulate the Gladers using mind tricks and hellish real-life nightmares. They are told they have been infected with the ‘Flare’ — a debilitating mental disease that turns the infected into zombified, blood-thirsy ‘cranks’ — and that they must fight their way through the all by abandoned Scorch and make it to the ‘Safe Haven‘ in order to receive the cure.

In The Scorch Trials Thomas and the Gladers undergo horrific weather conditions, fight biotech grotesques, run from ‘cranks‘ and lose friends.
Can Thomas survive in such a violent world?


Thrown into the action right from page one, The Scorch Trials is infinitely better than its predecessor. Thomas can’t catch a break even when he thinks he’s safe. To me, this book reads more like a zombie story with the ‘Flare‘ disease, I welcomed the new found action after the slow, boring, almost too safe life in the Maze.

This book kept me reading with its constant danger, and lack of conveniences which was something that had really annoyed me in the first book. If I hadn’t had to put it down to go to work I would have finished it in only a few hours, it was engaging and compelling.

The use of fake swear words still annoyed me but they were used less in the ‘real world’ so they were easily ignored. The_scorch

I liked the character of Brenda (what’s with the old fashioned girls names though?) she seemed feisty and handled herself well although I was suspicious of her most of the way through. Theresa became less likeable and I became more suspicious of her as this book progressed but I do feel she should have been more of a main character in The Scorch Trials.

The Scorch Trials is a book to make you think, it makes you wonder if human beings could really go to such lengths in desperation.

I think this is the best of the trilogy and it was worth persevering with The Maze Runner just for this sequel.


I’d give this book four stars in contrast to The Maze Runner’s two. This book was more compelling and more exciting, the twists and turns were interesting and kept me thinking.

I would recommend this book to teens and young adults purely because it was much more interesting than the first one and therefore is more likely to keep an older reader gripped.
You’ll like this if you enjoyed the Dead Sea Games by J. Whitworth Hazzard or Divergent by Veronica Roth.



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