Book Review: Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire by Paul Ramey

Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire by Paul Ramey is a fantastic young adult novel that kept me captivated until the very end. I hadn’t read the description so I didn’t know what to expect at all and I was pleasantly surprised by something entirely different to my usual style.

“”Edgar, Edgar,” she shook her head as she blew the light dusting of anise powder off the intricately-carved lid. “You and your cemeteries. What have you stumbled on now?””

CoverEdgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire is a young adult mystery  book. Fifteen-year-old Edgar Wilde is very different to other fifteen year olds in that he spends his time exploring cemeteries and running cemetery tours in his small town of St. Edmund.

Edgar has recently discovered the name of a man who seems to be missing from history. Of course, being an inquisitive young teenager, he decides to dig deeper uncovering secrets kept hidden for centuries.
Edgar enlists the help of his friend and father-figure Corinthian Harknell who manages the cemetery and has an appetite for mystery equal to Edgar’s. Edgar’s high school acquaintance Shelby Emerson tags along with the duo, excited by the suspense.

“Together, the three find themselves on a tantalizing quest involving centuries-old clues hidden around St. Edmund, a forgotten witch trial, and a mysterious book of spells — the Lost Grimoire — that promises untold power to the one who wields it.”

Will Edgar uncover the truth?


I found Ramey’s writing compelling to read, his descriptive imagery is wonderful. Every now and then, the book cuts between the past and the present keeping the reader entwined with the words, research has clearly been done to keep the dialogue and other aspects of the past accurate to the time.

I found myself invested in the characters and I really cared about what happened to all of them — even the minor characters — which, to me, is a sign of well thought out writing.

Edgar’s dialogue is advanced for his age, and while some may find that difficult to believe, it told me that he was brought up differently to the other characters his age. The book includes humour in the way that Edgar addressed Corinthian at the age of eight and in the character of Sarah the Barista.

I loved this book and I really hope to see a sequel. 


I’d give this book five stars, the characterisation was wonderful and I couldn’t put the book down. It was a relatively quick read but it left me wanting more.

I would recommend this to children, teens and young adults. It’s an exciting adventure from the eyes of an eccentric teen.
If you love Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer or Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan this is the book for you.



You can get Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire from Amazon in eBook or paperback: Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire



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