Craft Tutorial: Book Page Feature Wall

My chosen colour paint (a lovely shade of duck-egg blue) has been sitting in my room ready to be applied to the wall for over a year now and I just keep putting it off because it seemed like too much effort and I only had one tub (I’m sure I’d need more than that to paint the whole room). How my room looked has been getting me down, all lilac and ripped wallpaper where posters used to be…

Before and After
Before & After – ‘The Reluctant King’ Digital Painting by Amanda Makepeace

Anyhow I decided now was the time to do something about it. I love books, like really love them — take a look at my Goodreads page if you like — so I had a thought. I decided I wanted to cover one wall with beautiful old book pages.

Dad said no to letting me use wallpaper paste saying it would be too permanent and if we ever wanted to sell the house or change the look it would be difficult to remove. So I was determined and did some research and came across A Well Dressed Home who’d overcome the problem by using spray adhesive.

So, now I had the idea in my head and decided to execute my project.


BooksBeautiful old books. I got mine from our local free book store run by Healthy Planet. (I love this store, I mean free books, who doesn’t love free books?) I used parts from four books but I would have managed it on two whole books with less variety.
I wanted a little variety so I used a beautiful copy of ‘The Better Part’ by Annie S. Swan which has gorgeous dark, aged pages , ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare’ with lighter, thin, columned pages, ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Ellis Bell (Yes, the copy was that old that it was published as Ellis Bell as opposed to Emily Bronte) and a copy of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen. 

IMG_2017Spray Adhesive. I used one called ‘Stick and Stay’ by Crafter’s Companion. I got through two and a half bottles on my wall which is 63 square foot.

Optional: Adhesive Remover. I used ‘Stick Away’ by Crafter’s Companion. Let me tell you, I am glad I got this because spray adhesive gets everywhere!  I had to use this to clean the sticky film from a lot of furniture.

Optional: Disposable gloves and dust mask. As I say, this is optional but I would recommend it. Although there are no warning about inhaling the glue on the bottle, I can’t imagine it would do you much good. Even with the mask I felt the sticky film on my face at the end.


  1. Carefully pull out the pages from the books, some were easier than others due to the fact that they were already falling apart.
  2. Prepare for the application by making sure your hair is tied back and the mask and gloves are on if you chose to use them.
    Wear old clothes and cover the floor with newspaper (unless you want to end up with a sticky carpet like I did).
  3. If there are surrounding walls that need to be painted, do this first. If you put the pages up first you might end up with paint on them.
  4. Set the pages into piles and taking one page at a time spray the back and apply to the wall.
  5. No need to saturate the page, you want this to look like pages on the wall and not a flat wallpaper.
    I placed the pages in three directions, upright, and horizontal in both ways. You can apply them however you like, this was just my preference.
  6. That’s it, you’re done! No need to use anything to finish the wall, that’s all.


I hope you liked this tutorial, I really love my new book page feature wall. You can decorate it with old books on shelves or even empty ornate frames on the walls framing sections of the wall.
You could even make a keepsake box like this one!

If you want a stunning piece of digital art like my ‘Loki’ painting (Aptly named ‘The Reluctant King’) visit:

You can find out where your local Healthy Planet Books for Free is by visiting their store locator: Books for Free Store Locator

Leave a comment below if you do this, I’d love to see!  x



2 thoughts on “Craft Tutorial: Book Page Feature Wall

    1. I love my Loki, your work was worth mentioning! 😀
      The books were great finds, I’m so happy with them. x


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