Film Review: Equilibrium (2003)

For a change, I decided to write a film review for you while sticking with the dystopic theme that I’m enjoying at the moment what with my book reviews for Divergent and Matched. I watched Equilibrium a few years ago and recently decided to watch it again. I love the concept behind it so thought I show you all this somewhat under-rated film.

“In the first years of the 21st century, a third World War broke out. Those of us who survived knew mankind could never survive a fourth; that our own volatile natures could simply no longer be risked. So we have created a new arm of the law: The Grammaton Cleric, whose sole task it is to seek out and eradicate the true source of man’s inhumanity to man – his ability to feel.”

Equilibrium Equilibrium is a stand-alone film based in a dystopian world –which is futuristic but based at the beginning of the 21st Century– in which human emotion is prohibited. In order for the government to rid the world of war they decided to create a ‘cure’ for emotion. Anything that facilitates emotion like books, music or even art are strictly forbidden and feeling anything emotionally is punishable by death. Cleric John Preston (Christian Bale)  is a top ranking enforcer of this government working with Partridge (Sean Bean) and responsible for eliminating ‘sense-offenders’ (citizens who refuse remove their emotion)

When he misses a dose of Prozium –the cure for emotion– he becomes confused as to why the government feels that ridding the world of rage is worth ridding it of love and happiness. Preson meets a woman (Emily Watson) who helps him to understand what must be done.
Will Cleric John Preson make the right decision?


The concept of this film is one to think about, what does it mean to feel and would the world really be a better place if human emotion no longer existed? I found Equilibrium to be a fascinating film and the casting was fantastic.WallpaperEquilibriumFirearm
I loved the fighting technique used, in Equilibrium we see the development of a new fictional martial art called ‘Gun Kata (invented by Kurt Wimmer and developed by fight choreographer Jim Vickers) which is based entirely around using firearms. The use of Gun Kata results in visually engaging combat that draws you in.
(Trivia: Kurt Wimmer designed Gun Kata to be smooth and flowing but the choreographer Jim Vickers decided to make it harsher and less soft.)


I would rate this film four stars. It would have been five but I felt that some scenes seemed unfinished (see below for a spoiler) I loved the twists involved in the story and Bale was a great choice for Preston.

The final fight scene is terribly unrealistic, although awesome. Preston walks away with no blood on his white outfit following the violent bloody scene.

The concept is fascinating and one that leaves you wondering.
I would recommend this film to older teens and adults. Although the violence is relatively tame in today’s standards there are some scenes that could be distressing and there is some bloody violence at the end.

Age Rating: 15bbfc_15

If you enjoyed watching The Matrix (1999), or The Hunger Games (2012) and Catching Fire (2013) but want something minus the love triangle, you’ll enjoy this.



You can buy the DVD here: Equilibrium DVD
Or the Blu Ray here: Equilibrium Blu Ray

To find out more about the film visit:

Watch the trailer:



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