Book Review: Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie

I recently finished the fantastic conclusion to the Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie and wanted to share this series with you.


The Matched Trilogy consists of ‘Matched‘, ‘Crossed‘, and ‘Reached‘.  They are set in a dystopian future where Cassia and her family live in the Society.
The first book, Matched, is written entirely from Cassia’s perspective. A young girl turned seventeen ready to go to her match ceremony and have her life partner chosen for her. Crossed gives Ky a voice and the chapters alternate between both Ky and Cassia. In Reached you get to read from Cassia, Ky and Xander’s viewpoints.


“In the Society. Officials decide. Who you love. Where you work. When you die.”

The Society is a socialist future in which Officials are in charge of everything; these rules are an example of a ‘perfect’ world where everybody has what they need and nothing more. It’s a world that the people are used to and comfortable with, this is what they know, this is all they know.


Matched is told from the perspective of Cassia, a girl living in the Society who is just turning seventeen. It begins with her preparing for her Match Banquet in which she will find out who the Society has deemed to be her perfect Match based on facts and statistics. Her Match could be anyone in any province or city in the Society, this is the first time she will see him. When her Match turns out to be her best friend Xander, she cannot imagine the result could be any better…

Later in the story we discover Ky Marham, another childhood friend of Cassia who is darker and mysterious.


“In search of a future that may not exist and faced with the decision of who to share it with, Cassia journeys to the Outer Provinces…Cassia’s quest leads her to question much of what she holds dear, even as she finds glimmers of a different life across the border.”

-There is a possibility of spoilers below if you have not read Matched.-



In Crossed we see a deeper side of Cassia where she fights against the Society in pursuit of Ky, she leaves her city for the dangerous Outer Provinces where the Anomalies live. This book begins in the perspective of Ky who has been plucked from the Society and left in the Outer Provinces with other Aberrations and Anomalies.

Crossed is a story of discovery for Cassia and a story of searching for Ky.


“Cassia’s journey began with an error, a momentary glitch in the otherwise perfect façade of the Society. After crossing canyons to break free, she waits, silk and paper smuggled against her skin, ready for the final chapter.
The wait is over.”

bubble-reachedReached is the epic conclusion to this fantastic trilogy, in this book not only do we get to read from the perspectives of Cassia and Ky, Xander is given a voice as well. Here we read of the Society’s downfall and the development of the Rising.
Moments in Matched and Crossed that seemed like they meant nothing become vital in this book, Reached brings everything together and ties up all loose strings without seeming rushed.

-End of Spoilers-


Condie writes in a way that draws the reader in, her characters are relatable and the Society she has created is something that can be understood but not liked. Cassia, Ky and Xander are wonderful characters with a depth that develops throughout the trilogy.
The Matched Trilogy is full of twists that keep you on your toes, you have to keep thinking and wondering what might happen next.
She builds tension well and you can feel the strain Cassia feels at times. You can also feel the love she has for her friends and family and the disdain she begins to feel towards the Officials.
I also love how Condie was able to tie in the beautiful poetry from Dylan Thomas and other wonderful poets.
It was a story I just couldn’t put down.

Reading Matched I struggled to have any feelings for Xander but as his character develops through the books I was able to sympathise with how he felt. All of Condie’s characters develop well through this trilogy. Some of this trilogy seemed somewhat slow paced but that was easily made up in the faster paced, tension fuelled scenes.

Condie’s writing flows well throughout the books, it has a very poetic feel to it, I found this series gripping and exciting.
I love her design of this dystopian future. We don’t know what happened to the world to create this Society but that doesn’t matter. The people in the Society aren’t outright oppressed or in danger, they honestly don’t know any better, but as readers we know that it is not as perfect a world as the Society would have its citizens believe. We can see that Condie’s Society is not one of progression it is stagnant and unmoving; as though the Officials are scared of development and change. Humanity cannot live this long without creativity or change.


I would rate this book four stars, only because I wish it was a little faster paced in some areas.
I thoroughly enjoyed these books and would recommend them to all teens and adults alike. As a plus point, they are very clean books, there’s no bad language or scenes of a sexual nature.
If you enjoyedThe Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins or ‘Divergent’ by Veronica Roth I am sure that the Matched Trilogy is one you will love.



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You can find out more about this trilogy at



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