Craft Tutorial: Keepsake Box

(Import from old blog: 08-04-2012)

Fancy something really cute but also useful to decorate your home with? Thought you might…so how about turning an old, unwanted shoebox into an utterly gorgeous keepsake box?

Box 1

Really easy and it looks fantastic!

Box 2

Products Used:
Old Shoebox (You can pick one up at most shoe shops if you just ask)
An old book or newspaper
PVA Glue
Mod Podge Glue (Optional)
Two cupboard door handles
‘Serious’ Glue (Or superglue)

Box 3

Start by ripping out the pages from your old book (obviously not one you want to read again! I used an old copy of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’.) and paste the pages onto the shoebox using PVA glue.
Cover the box and it’s lid, you can choose how you want to set out the pages, I chose to keep them whole but you could rip them up and just glue pieces.
Once the box is covered, coat it with PVA or Mod Podge glue to seal it and protect the pages.

Box 4

Then you’ll want to add a handle, it makes all the difference you know!
I found the perfect brass cupboard door handle at ‘The Range’ and bought two for £1.49 each.
Use the ‘Serious’ glue or superglue to glue the handles to the ends of the box (one at a time or it’s difficult to keep them in place.)

Box 5

Voila, finished…a gorgeous Keepsake Box.

Box 6

What will you put in yours? x



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